Infant Fashion: Why was Pink for Boys and Blue for Girls?

Here's sharing a interesting video which I came across previously, on why was pink for boys and blue for girls back in the olden days.

What is your take on infant fashion in this modern day?

Do you buy baby clothes based on the gender colours now which is pink for girls and blue for boys?

Or are you more open to softer hues for boys and stronger hues for the little girls?

Are you also shopping unicorns for girls and knights for boys? 

While many of our orders are based on these fixed genders colours, we still love to work with gender neutral and modern colours such as gold, silver, black and white, which gives a fun & refreshing look to children clothings. 

We once received an order for a personalised unicorn romper for a newborn baby boy and it was special because it was really rare!

Sidetracking a little here but I recalled this one time when I brought my toddler to get a new toothbrush and he chose a pink barbie toothbrush and you should see how my hubby's face changed! Haha! #realmanwearspink #realmanusespinktoothbrush



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